Say Good-bye To Your High-Blood Sugar
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  •  Significantly lower your triglycerides.
  •  Lower your diastolic blood pressure.
  •  Drastically lower your blood sugar levels.
  •  Boost your energy levels.
  •  Lose weight.
What is Paleo?
Paleo AKA Caveman Diet, Primal Diet and Stoncave Diet, is a meal plan based on the cavemen of the primal era (paleolithic). Mainly consists of healthy animal products, vegetables, fruits, nuts and fats.
Why is Paleo?
Because it is healthier due to the composition it has on every meal. It promotes consumption of natural & nutrient rich foods which are easier for the body to adjust than processed foods, canned goods, dairy and grains.
  • Grass-fed meats
  •  Fish and Seafoods
  •  Nuts
  •  Eggs
  •  Healthy Oils (Olive, Coconut, Avocado)
  •  Fruits & Vegetables
  • Graines
  •  Legumes
  •  Dairy
  •  Refined Sugars
  •  Processed/Canned Foods
  •  Refined Oils (Canola, Vegetable, Corn)
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